Which are the Perfect Clothes for Seduction


3- A dress with a long slit

Here is another kind of clothing which is perfect for seduction because it is able to awaken men’s imagination, similar to the way a lace dress can. And this is a dress or a long skirt with a long slit. There are a lot of women who prefer wearing short skirts to show off their beautiful legs and consider wearing long skirts as something that would hide their beauty, but this is not exactly true.

In fact, a long dress with a long slit can attract much more attention than a short skirt or dress which shows 80% of a woman’s legs. This is because short skirts do not leave any room for one’s imagination, while slits do this like a charm. A man could be even mesmerized by the way your legs show through the slit and then hide again. You cannot go wrong here if you choose such kind a dress to attract male attention.