What To Eat Before A Workout For Best Performance And Reduced Injury

Pre-Workout Nutrition Examples 

Workout Starts Within An Hour Or Less

  • One banana/apple/orange
  • A cup of Greek yogurt and a peach
  • Black coffee and a multigrain biscuit

Workout Starts Within Two Hours

  • A medium bowl of oatmeal with apple slices or banana and pepita.
  • A piece of bread with a tablespoon of sunflower/almond butter.
  • Protein powder with milk and berries.

Workout Starts Within Two To Three Hours

  • Lean protein, cauliflower rice, and grilled veggies with toasted nuts.
  • Mushroom soup with veggies.
  • One whole wheat flatbread, chickpeas curry, and sautéed/boiled veggies.

These are not the only options you have. I have listed out 10 foods that work best as pre-workout foods. Take a look.


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