What To Eat Before A Workout For Best Performance And Reduced Injury

Timing Of Pre-Workout Meal And What To Eat

Timing Of Pre-Workout Meal And What To Eat

When it comes to having a pre-workout meal, timing is crucial. And if you play by the rules, you will definitely see a change in your performance, productivity, and body composition. So, let me tell you what the pre-workout nutrition timing guidelines are.

  • You must consume a meal containing all the macros (carbs, proteins, and fats) 2-3 hours before working out.
  • You can consume a carb-rich and protein-rich meal within 2 hours before a workout.
  • A fruit or yogurt 45-60 minutes before the workout.
  • The closer you are to your workout, the more simple your nutrition should be.
  • You can drink any of the carb+protein drinks available in the market 30 minutes before the workout. However, make sure you talk to your dietitian to find out if this kind of drink is good for your body type.

Now, let us see what you can actually eat before working out.


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