What To Eat Before A Workout For Best Performance And Reduced Injury

Pre-workout nutrition is the best way to sustain any type of workout. It enhances your performance, reduces the chances of muscle injury, and accelerates muscle recovery. If you have ever felt a sharp pain in your abdomen while working out, ran out of breath too soon, or experienced soreness in your muscles the next morning – revisit what you are eating before a workout (or eating at all!). This article helps you understand what and when to eat before a workout, pre-workout foods and supplements, and benefits. Swipe up!

Macro Nutrients That Your Body Need Before A Workout

Macro Nutrients That Your Body Need Before A Workout

The main macros that our body needs are carbs, fats, and proteins. Yes, you need to avoid unhealthy fats and simple carbs, but otherwise, you need all the three to help your body function well. So, let’s see how these macros help you during your workout.

Fats – Not all fats are bad. You need healthy fats to fuel the functions of your body and maintain cell integrity and skin texture. When you go on long runs, walks, or do other endurance exercises, fats are the main sources of fuel. Endurance athletes burn more fat, and moreover, when you push yourself to do one more set of lunges/push-ups, you actually start burning fat instead of recruiting carbs (or glucose) as a source of fuel (Source).

Carbs – Carbs are used when you do high-intensity and short time workouts. The first sources of fuel that your body recruits are carbs in the form of glucose. Glucose is transported through the blood to the muscles and liver to be stored as glycogen. Glycogen is broken down into glucose whenever the body needs fuel. When you do not consume good carbs, your muscles or liver will not have enough glycogen to convert into glucose. And therefore, you will start to feel weak and worn out quickly. Hence, consuming carbs as a part of pre-workout nutrition is necessary (Source).

Proteins – Proteins help in muscle recovery and prevent muscle injury. So, when you consume protein as part of your pre-workout nutrition, you will recover fast and become toned. Protein synthesis is upregulated by the consumption of carbs and fats. Depleted levels of any one of these two can hamper protein synthesis (Source). Also, when you consume protein before exercise, the muscle strength increases (Source).

So, it is evident that you need all three of them. But in what quantities? Well, scientists have found out. And now, you will! Scroll down.


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