How to Upgrade Your Man’s Look This Spring


Let’s face it; sometimes guys just don’t know how to refresh their look. Thank goodness he has you to help. Update your man’s wardrobe this season with looks that reflect the freshness of the spring equinox.  As the weather warms and the snow melts, the days grow longer and the flowers begin to bloom, your man’s wardrobe can transform him into a dapper gentleman. Ramp up his style with these important wardrobe pieces.

Lightweight Sport Coat

When spring arrives, it’s time to shed the layers of wool floor-length coats, large puffer jackets, and go for lighter sport coats.  These sport coats can be made of a light cotton blend, linen, chambray, and for the truly brave—seersucker.  These lighter materials offer the opportunity for more freedom and more style.  Blue looks good on every man, so opt for a rich navy, steel blue, or denim-colored variety.  You may also want to encourage him to go for a light tan, white, or even a colorful plaid.  Seersucker—the most daring of all—is made out of a puckered cotton material and is usually the most vibrant, with thin candy-colored pinstripes.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts

Every man needs a classic oxford button-down shirt.  There is nothing like a crisp, ironed, fresh, white shirt on a man.  The reason is simple—it takes little thought and it goes with everything.  Get him a well-fitted oxford white button down that he can wear to almost any casual to semi-formal event throughout the spring and beyond.

Casual Button-Down Shirts

Upgrade old greasy t-shirts and tank tops with some casual button downs.  Whether he has a flair for color or likes a neutral shade, there are many options available.  The trend in men’s fashion is to feature miniature patterns on button-down shirts.  Imagine short-sleeve button-down shirts with small floral designs or bold prints of birds.  Yes, even the most masculine of men can rock a shirt with intricate designs.  This season, say goodbye to the Hawaiian shirt and hello to sophisticated yet subtle prints of flowers, dots, birds, planes, sailboats, and more.  These minimalist patterns provide just enough flair to express his personality without being too distracting to the eye.  If he is more of a classic man, on the other hand, he can never go wrong with a gingham plaid shirt.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another classic staple.  Boat shoes can be worn as both casual and semi-casual wear.  They work perfectly in almost any environment, whether it be at the lake house, out for a cocktail, or just lounging at a friend’s dinner party.  Boat shoes are a go-to as part of a spring and summer outfit, and are usually paired with shorts and a button down shirt.


Nothing says sunny weather like a pair of cool sunglasses.  Whether he likes to go classic with a pair of simple black club master glasses, or he prefers the style of reflective aviator lenses.  Don’t hesitate to give him the gift of high quality frames that can last through all seasons.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are back.  This accessory harkens back to times long-gone, to add an air of sophistication and class.  A well-chosen bow tie will turn-heads as a subtle yet refined gesture.  He need not wait for a black-tie event to wear a bow tie.  Even more casual events can call for a fun bow tie to give him a polished and dapper look.


While not absolutely necessary, nothing goes better together in a man’s outfit than bow ties and suspenders.  He can nix the worn-out belt at your next dinner date or friend’s wedding by going for suspenders.  No matter how flashy or basic his style, there are suspenders both patterned and plain that make for a sharp outfit.

Freshen up your man’s look this spring by breaking out some new fashions.  Go from drab to dapper with the latest in these warm weather clothing trends.