True Facts About Girls

  • Girls never forgetGirls never forget
  • A typical Friday nightThis is a typical Friday night
  • They love fishingThey love fishing
  • Girls love to talkGirls love to talk
  • They kiss and tellThey kiss and tell
  • Deciding what to wearn deciding what to wear
  • Girls lieGirls lie
  • Girls and shoesGirls and shoes
  • Multiply that by at least 20Multiply that by at least 20
  • Dinner is always a struggleDinner is always a struggle
  • On cryingOn crying
  • Girls get cold easilyGirls get cold easily
  • That voiceThat voice
  • The truthThe truth
  • Dessert is a love-hate relationshipDessert is a love-hate relationship
  • The real reason women get marriedThe real reason women get married
  • It’s scienceIt's science