The Amazing Tattoo That Thrilled The Internet! Look at It From Another Angle, You Will Be Surprised


Rebekah Miles put a tattoo on her leg which is read differently depending on the viewing angle.
But the tattoo, the angle of the observer can be read as: I’m fine, while the angle of the owner of the tattoo: Save me.
The girl, who has 21 years, wrote on Facebook that the tattoo is at the right place.
Photography has become very popular on social networks and has been seen more than 200,000 people. Watch below the photo.

Here is the tattoo from the angle of the viewer

i m fine

Here is the tattoo from the angle of the owner

save me

– “The tattoo always reminds me that some people only look good, but actually are not” wrote Becca.
– Please continue to share. This is a way to change the angle of view of people who do not know how are feeling those who suffer from depression, she said.