Raw Textured Ponytail Tutorial


By saying raw textured ponytails, we mean that you provide a coarse and unrefined touch to your hair, in comparison with sleek ones. Applying this hairstyle, you will surely make all the heads turn towards you. Your look will be astounding. Are you already interested in this chic ponytail hairstyle? Read on!

Raw Textured Ponytail Tutorial

How to: raw textured ponytail

1. The first thing you should do: apply mousse onto your hair. Be very attentive to your roots. Start from the roots and then continue using mousse through your hair length.
2. Comb your hair with the help of your fingers. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry your hair. Let it dry in a natural way.
3. After you get your hair dried, comb it back starting at the roots which are above the hind hand. Then spatter texture dust.

Raw Textured Ponytail Tutorial
4. Use a hairspray to spray the remaining part of your hair.
5. Let the short part of your hair fall freely around your face and then use the longer part of your hair to make a ponytail. For a stylish and casual look, create a raw textured ponytail.

Remember to create a low ponytail, as it is the trend of the season. In this unique and extraordinary ponytail hairstyle you will certainly feel brandy and attractive.


  1. how can anyone feel attractive with so much product in their hair? just reading this hurts my scalp.