Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Easier With These 7 Tips


Do you spend every weekend struggling to clean your bathroom? Considering the number of times we use it, a proper weekly cleaning ritual is a must.

Fret not! With these simple tips and tricks, cleaning your bathroom will no longer be a hectic task. Read on to know more.

1. How To Clean The Mirror In The Washroom

Make-Cleaning-Your-Bathroom-Easier-With-These-7-Tips2We all know how gross the bathroom mirror becomes, sometimes just after a single use. If you don’t clean it for two or three days continuously, it will be all covered in dust, water sprinkles, and makeup. Very soon, you will be unable to see your face clearly. We usually use spray cleaners or water along with paper towels to clean mirrors. But, do they really clean the mirror?
Here’s the simplest way to clean mirrors.
Brew three bags of black tea and pour it in a spray bottle. Use this liquid to clean the mirrors. But, instead of paper towels, use newspapers. Your mirrors will shine like never before!