Intense Purple Eye Makeup


This much requested intense purple eye tutorial will definitely add a glamorous twist to your favourite outfit! Eye makeup that guarantees to turn heads! Now it’s time to get the most out of your look by following the steps below.

Step 1: The first important thing you need to do is to create a flawless base that brightens and enhances the look of your eyes. To achieve this, choose the right primer for your skin type and apply it to your eyelid. Even though you want the primer to cover your eyelid completely, your best bet is to use a very small amount of it and gently dab it on your lid with a foundation brush. This way you will create a smooth and soft base for your makeup application.

Step 2: Cover the outer corner, the inner corner and the crease with a black pearl eyeshadow. Keep your eyes open when applying the crease shade, as this will help you recreate the illusion of a crease. Leave the center of your eyelid nude for now. Next, trace your bottom waterline with the same color. To make the colour more intense, grab the black eye pencil and softly apply it at the base of the lower lashes, from the outer corners towards the inner.

Step 3: Cover the nude area of your eyelid with a purple eyeshadow. Smudge down the dark colour with a soft, fluffy brush. This should create a gradual, more sophisticated look.

Step 4: Use the black eye pencil to draw a medium thick line on your crease and smudge it out with a makeup brush. Place your pinkie finger against your cheek to ensure additional stability and control.

Step 5: Next, apply silver or dark purple glitter eyeshadow with tapping movements on top of your base shadow. You can add some glitter on the inner corners of your eyes to pop up the final look!

Step 6: After applying your eyeshadow, use a soft brush to dab a white or cream colour shadow right beneath the arch of you eyebrow. This way you will highlight your brow bone.

Step 7: Finish off with several coats of your favorite black mascara. For best results, use a waterproof, long-lasting formula to intensify the natural richness of your eyes. Curling your eyelashes will help open up your eyes and give the illusion of longer, more fabulous eyelashes!