How to Fake Full Lips in Four Easy Steps


While having the look of big lips never really went out of style, the pressure was always on those girls who needed to fake it until they make it. While we think you’re cute just the way you are, we know that you have always dreamt of big, alluring lips. Skip the expensive volume glosses and use a few key products in your makeup bag to get plumper lips without going over the top. This tutorial will show you four easy steps on how to fake full lips and make them super gorgeous, glamorous and luscious!

Preparation: Apply a thin layer of lip balm to hydrate the delicate lip area. Choose a lip balm that actually penetrates the lips and increases lip volume. Applying lip balm will give you an even and easier application of the lipstick.

Step 1: With your sharpened lip liner, begin tracing the natural outline of your lips. No matter what lipstick you are about to put on, always choose a lip liner close to the shade of your own lips.

Step 2: Use the same lip pencil to draw a line on the top lip from the right, outside the Cupid’s bow, towards the bottom centre of the lip. Repeat on the other side. As for the bottom lip, draw a single line down the centre and two lines diagonally from the centre towards the edges. For best results, use small, feathery strokes from the outside in.

Step 3: Grab your favourite lipstick and carefully fill in the lips. The colour of the lipstick depends on you, but rocking a nude or pale pink pout isn’t just trendy — it will make your lips look larger. Use an angled lip brush to blend the lipstick into the pencil lines.

Step 4: Take a lip gloss which is a lighter shade than the lipstick and add four dots onto your lips – two in the centre of the upper lip and two in the centre of the bottom lip. Use your fingertip to gently distribute the lip gloss around the edges. Voila! Your dreamy, irresistible, puffy lips are ready. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!