Easy Self-Tanning Tips and Tricks


Let’s learn how to do easy self-tanning. Consider the following tips and tricks.
Soon summer months will come and you will be able to show off your skin.

1. Exfoliate

The first thing you should do is to exfoliate your skin in advance. If you have a fatuous and coarse skin, even the best artificial tan will not make your look natural and pleasing. Exfoliation is very essential; otherwise you will spoil your skin.

Easy Self-Tanning Tips and Tricks

2. Test

While applying self-tanner, test beforehand. Test it two days before using it on your skin. Maybe you have allergy or you are very sensitive to the product ingredient. Let’s test in order not to be in danger.

3. Go oil-free

While exfoliating your skin, look for a mild scrub in order not to hurt your skin. Scrubs should be in beads rather than in granular types. The latter can hurt your soft skin. Purchase also products which are free of oil. It is not recommendable if you plan to do self-tanner.

4. Pick sides

Now I will provide you with two types of tips. Both of them can be perfect to you. Choose any of them. You can either moisturize your skin or dry it using an artificial tanner. It’s up to you to apply a cream or a spray.

5. Moisturize

If you consider that you have a dry skin type, then you are advised to use a moisturizing product before self-tanning. Moisturize especially your heels, knees and elbows. These are the parts which demand special attention. Don’t overuse the moisturizing product, as it is not recommendable such as oily scrubs.

6. High and dry

If you make up your mind to use artificial glow on your dry skin, look for a self-tanning product with the ingredient of Aloe Vera. You can also apply a body lotion. It will provide you a gradual tan.

7. Further recommendations

While applying artificial tans, take into account the following recommendations, as well. Avoid swimming, bathing or sweating for a few hours.

Have you ever tried any of the mentioned above self-tanning tips? Let’s try and have an attractive look.