Drew Barrymore’s Weight Loss Diet That Helped Her Lose 20 Pounds

No one will mind going on 50 First Dates with the ravishing Drew Barrymore. Her new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, dropped last March and the 41 year old American heartthrob is owning her role as Sheila. She plays a  zombie in the series and yea, she is the most beautiful zombie everrr! Drew has admitted herself that she loves playing Sheila. But, for the character, she knew she had to lose a little weight. So, how did she do it? What diet is Drew really on that’s making her beam with confidence and self-love? Well, if you have fallen off your weight loss track, then give this post a read. The relatability of the actress’s personal loss and her comeback will help you in many ways. Swipe up!

Why Did Drew Barrymore Gain Weight?

Why Did Drew Barrymore Gain Weight

In The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore opened up about how her then husband Will Kopelman loves to eat. She had just given birth and had gained a little weight. But she was unable to lose the baby weight because she loved Will and Will loved to eat! Well, we all can relate to that, right? And moreover, like any other woman’s body that undergoes hormonal ups and downs with age, her body responded differently to sugary foods than when she was in her early twenties. Moreover, she said in the interview, “I have no interest in dieting, we’ll get there, it’ll happen, but right now we are just having too much fun.” Drew also said, “Let’s face it, I hate it, I would much rather eat fettuccine alfredo all day long.” But then things were about to change for Drew.

Drew Barrymore’s Weight Loss Diet That Helped Her Lose 20 Pounds

In 2016 Drew and her husband separated. And this, like any breakup, took a toll on her self-confidence and was very shocking to her. When people are under emotional stress, they tend to fulfill the emotional gap by eating food. This is known as emotional eating and is one of the major reasons why obesity is so prevalent worldwide. And hey, we have all been down that road.

Now, the big question is, if Drew is a foodie and doesn’t care about dieting, why did she decide to lose 20 pounds? Find out next.


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