Doggie Couture Shop: Out of Sight Luxury Canopy Dog Beds, in Plain Sight


You know that moment, after you finish decorating your home and everything looks great, until your eyes land on the scruffy looking dog bed. For years, this eyesore to home decor has landed pet beds in the garage, one of the kids’ rooms, a spacious bathroom, or even outside. The Doggie Couture Shop provides you with several alternative dog beds that will not only make a great addition to your home décor, but also win the admiration of your visitors. The exclusive online dog boutique is family owned and provides online customer support to help you find the perfect luxury canopy bed for your pet. The luxury canopy beds do not only have style, but they also provide your dog with comfortable sleeping arrangements. The beds are available in a variety of colors and styles; you have several options to fit your home décor and dog’s personality.


The most notable canopy bed in the collection is perfect for Martha Stewart inspired homes. The royally designed canopy bed, draped in beautiful tapestry, has gold swivel posts with a delicate, soft green, velvet topping, cropped with green and gold tassels. The tassel decor also surrounds the mattress of the bed, and the frame of the bed has a beautiful gold trim. If you are looking for something with a bit of edge, the skull-decorated canopy pet bed is the perfect option. There are two color schemes, red and black or pink and black; the design options include skulls and roses or skulls and cross bones. The collection even offers cute petite dog beds for Chihuahuas, which can fit at the bottom of a bookshelf. The style and variety offered at the Doggie Couture Shop is awesome – you will find the pet canopy bed of your décor dreams, which will be a match made in heaven for your home.