Only a few days until Christmas, so I thought to share with you all a beautiful nail design which you can create exclusively for Christmas. The spirit of Christmas gathers everyone no matter the religion. Even people that are not Christian enjoy the beauty a Christmas tree holds, the people shopping, the family getting together and so on. I love Christmas myself and although we don’t celebrate it much in my family, I still feel good with myself when I put a small tree in the room, when I wear a red dress/top on Christmas day, or when I create nail design that hold the Christmas symbol; the decorated tree.

For this nail design you will need three nail polish: beige (or light grey), green and sparkly green (glitter), and of course tape. Start by applying a full coat of beige nail polish in all of your nails and let it dry. After it totally dries, add the tape such as the picture tutorial below indicates (to create kind of a triangle, the shape of the Christmas tree). After you safely secure the tape, apply green nail polish inside it (look at the tutorial). Let it dry very well before adding the sparkly green nail polish. If you don’t let it dry before applying it, its going to take way too long for your nails to ever get dry because applying one coat after another will ruin your nails. After it gets dry, add the sparkly nail polish on top and then with the help of a stick or anything you find useful, add the small start on top of the tree. You can buy full packs of different nail stickers for only 1$! Enjoy the spirit of Christmas on your nails!

DIY Christmas Tree Nails for This Christmas