How to Clean your Sterling Jewelry


We all know how important accessories are when it comes to perking up our outfits. Accessories immediately transcend our attire from drab to fab which means that it is important to take care of our accessories. One of  the most versatile accessories that every girl should have is sterling silver. This pretty jewelry goes well with whatever clothes you wear. However, the question is, will your sterling still be pretty if it is already tarnished?  Absolutely not. Tarnished jewelry loses its value not unless you have them cleaned at jewelry stores. However, that can be a tad too expensive considering you can do the cleaning on your own. If you don’t have the clue how to it, then below are the steps in cleaning silver jewelry.

How to clean jewelry

You can make your sterling silver as gleaming as if you just bought them using the materials you can find in your kitchen or at your home in general. This is what I am saying about it being cost-saving. What makes these cleaning steps amazing is that they are also safe in delicate jewelry such as precious gems and pearls compared with acid based cleaning agent. You don’t buff or polish your jewelry either since these steps are mild, eliminating the hardwork.

Just prepare a baking soda, aluminum foil and glass casserole dish. Line a glass dish with aluminum foil and put your jewelry on top of it. Make sure that it is aluminum. Place the jewelry in such a way that the pieces do not overlap and each of them will touch the foil. This is where uses for baking soda come into view. Sprinkle the baking soda and make sure that it will cover the jewelry. The baking soda need not be poured heavily in the jewelry. It just needs to be sprinkled. Think of sprinkling sugar on your cookies.

Then boil sufficient amount of water to cover everything. You can boil it in the microwave or on the stovetop. When it boils, pour the water over the baking soda and jewelry. Let  it stay for 10 minutes. Once it’s up, rinse the jewelry with Warm water and place in a dry towel. Placing your jewelry under cold water would put your silvers into shock. Those that have excessive tarnish, silvers may need to be dipped twice.

This being said, your jewelry looks as though it has been from the display. The tarnish is transferred from jewelry to the foil without so much effort. As I mentioned earlier, this technique is versatile, which means you can also do this method to your kitchenware (silver wear anyone?) You can do the same technique that we use in cleaning the sterling silverware. Just place the silver in an aluminum pan. When cleaning silver, avoid using rubber gloves as it corrodes the aluminum. Use soft cloth instead to dry the silver ware. On the other hand, you can use nitrile gloves or cotton gloves too. Avoid using dishwater to wash your silver wear. Its high temperature as well as its rough washing can change the color of your silver.