Children Around The World and Their Favorite Things


Photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled for three years and visited dozens of countries to capture young kids in their homes and neighborhoods surrounded by what they play with each and every day.

These fascinating portraits featured in the book “Toy Story”,  will make you think more than just about your own childhood but about the different set of circumstances each child is surrounded with as he or she grows up. Enjoy!
ToyStories_p007 Maudy ToyStories_p019 Kalesi-viseisei-Fiji-Islands-1024x1024 Talia-Arabi-Algeria-1024x1024 Tangawizi-Kenya-1024x1024 Naya Gutierrez ToyStories_p085 ToyStories_p107 Arafa-e-Aisha-Aman-Zanzibar-1024x1024 Taha Chiwa Bethsaida-Port-au-Prince-Haiti-1024x1024 botlhe-Botswana-1024x1024 Keynor-Cahuita-Costarica-1024x1024 Tyra enea Niko