Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas


Wedding. Beautiful bride with bouquet

Summer is not only the season when most people go on their annual vacations. This is also the season when a lot of people decide to get married. The weather is great and it is the best time to throw a party for one of the most important decisions in one’s life.

However, the hot weather is not that flattering when it comes to the bridal makeup. That is why we decided to give our readers some tips and makeups ideas for the big day. It is worth to have them in mind since they will help you be as flawless as a bride should be.

#1 Go for a natural look

The less makeup you have on your face, the better it is for protecting it in the summer weather conditions. Foundation, though, is very often a must. It evens out your skin complexion and hides zits and redness. If you cannot give it up, you could at least choose lighter makeup for your eyes.

Be as natural as possible and you will see that you will feel much more comfortable than if you have tons of makeup. Mascara, for example, is perfectly fine for your eye makeup. And make sure it is waterproof, just in case there are tears.

#2 Start preparations well in advance

Since weddings are planned months in advance, there is no reason why you should not prepare yourself in advance as well. And this does not mean going on diets or starving. This is about your skin.

If you want to have the perfect makeup without smudges, then you need to prepare your skin for it. This is the most powerful weapon you have and you need to make sure the base is perfect for the makeup you are going to apply. After all, the less need there is to apply makeup, the better.

What you need to do is to start cleaning your face skin regularly. Do not allow any bacteria to be left there. If you have dark circles under your eyes, start treating them with natural remedies, like baking soda or almond oil.

If you do not like your eyebrows, let them grow and go to a cosmetician to shape them for you. Basically, you need to start thinking about every little detail when it comes to your face. Make sure you are prepared for the big day before it comes.

#3 Deal with zits

Zits could be your worst enemy on your wedding day, so you need to be very careful when dealing with them. First of all, you could hardly protect yourself from having zits, because it is all about hormones, and since the preparations for the wedding are so stressful, it is normal your skin to react, with zits, of course.

So, if you happen to have a zit a few days before the wedding, it is important not to touch it because you could irritate the skin and it could turn into some kind of wound. Clean your face and apply special products, so you could help the zit disappear quickly.

And if the zits are too massive and you cannot deal with them on your own, then it is best not to gamble with your skin’s health and see a dermatologist.

#4 Use highlighter

On her wedding day a bride needs to shine and to look like a princess from a fairy tale. If you want to shine on your wedding day both figuratively and literally, then you need to use highlighter as well. Apply in on the apples of your cheeks instead of rouge and you will go for that doll look a lot of brides want to have. Highlighter is also perfect for the camera, and you will see that it will look great on the wedding pictures as well.