25 Stunning Statement Earrings for Spring


Spring is here, which means summer is just right around the corner! Any savvy curly girly knows that warm weather means lots of updos and protective styles, to keep cool and act as a defense against harsh environmental elements that can dehydrate hair and cause obnoxious frizz. What I like best about updos and protective styles is, when hair is pulled away from the face and off the neck, these styles show off the subtle, elegant curves of the neck and highlights the angles and facial features of one’s face. Women believe these types of styles are only appropriate for highly casual events, such as going to the gym or running errands, or for extremely formal occasions, such as work sponsored events or weddings. While there maybe some degree of truth to this rationale, it is my opinion that the level of formality for one’s overall look is really pulled together and really determined by one’s choice of accessories, particularly the jewelry. A simple bun or ponytail can easily be dressed up (or down) by your choice of earrings, and an updo or protective style is the perfect opportunity to showcase a gorgeous pair of earrings.

This season’s earring design trends really push the envelope, in terms of contemporary style, proving that conventional studs and dangle earrings are passé looks of the past. Spring/Summer 2015 is all about experimenting with new structural pieces, including ear cuffs, ear climbers, and 360s. These innovative earring silhouettes will absolutely take your fashion collection to the next level, so glam up your spring/summer updo by paring your style with a chic pair of stunning statement earrings.


1. Ear Cuff, from the Rigid Evolution Collection by Melanie McPherson

Photo Credit: Cameron Oleske