10 Important Safety And Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know


What would be your response if somebody jumps in front of you all of a sudden and attacks you? Would you be strong enough to fight back or would you just chicken out in utter panic? Most of us would panic in this situation, but that is not what the situation demands.

With the increasing number of cases of rape, harassment, molestation, and gender violence, it has become very important to be aware of basic safety and self-defense tips in order to protect yourself from danger.

Mentioned below are 10 important safety and self-defense tips that every woman must know.

1. Always Be Alert.


Danger doesn’t knock on your door and then attack. You must always be alert and aware of your surroundings. You should never look nervous as people mostly attack those who look scared or unsure. Be confident and trust your gut feeling – if you think a person or a place is not safe for you, avoid meeting him or going there.