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6 Ways to Keep the Frizz at Bay!


It has to be one of the top complaints amongst naturals, no matter the hair type or length. We all share a common hate: frizz. Since the heat and humidity are kicking up figured I’d share some more tips for helping you combat frizz this season. If you’re looking for products to combat frizz, I have a posts on the ...

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5 DIY Face Mask You Should Try This Weekend


Pampering Pineapple Face Mask A face mask, so good you can eat—literally. This tropical face mask combines papaya and pineapple which work together to naturally exfoliate and lighten skin, leaving your face feeling oh so fresh and so clean.. clean. What You’ll Need: 1/2 fresh papaya, peeled and seeded 1 cup fresh pineapple 1 tablespoon honey (optional) Try this face ...

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25 Stunning Statement Earrings for Spring


Spring is here, which means summer is just right around the corner! Any savvy curly girly knows that warm weather means lots of updos and protective styles, to keep cool and act as a defense against harsh environmental elements that can dehydrate hair and cause obnoxious frizz. What I like best about updos and protective styles is, when hair is ...

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Helpful Tips To Save On Your Wardrobe


The holidays have come and passed again this year. And while it was great giving gifts to your dearest family and friends, your bank balance may have taken a major hit. That doesn’t meet that your winter wardrobe has to suffer; there are always innovative ways of getting great fashion for cheap. Now that the major sales are over for ...

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Elegant Fashion Collection by Gabriela Cadena


Classical elegance and modern silhouettes describe this new collection for 2015 by designer Gabriela Cadena. The actual collection resort 2015 of designer from Ecuador captures the quirky prints in strong colors. This is a stunning modern collection, hope you will enjoy in these post with wonderful fashion pieces. Hungarian Eniko Michalik looks seductively chic in the promotional photos!

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12 Smart Tips That No One Ever Tells You For Coloring Your Hair At Home


Today we have some spectacular ideas for you – a special post that we are sure you will like and will be helpful, which will save you time and money. In the pictures below you can see some wonderful and easy ways to Paint your hair in your favorite color. We know how popular has become painting of the hair among girls, now ...

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7 Lies Celebrities Have Told Us


In the new book Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?, Canadian health science expert Timothy Caulfield auditions for American Idol, abides by a strict cleansing diet and signs up with a modelling agency, all to debunk the the messages celebrity culture feeds us. Here are seven celebrity-driven myths he thinks we should consciously uncouple from: 1. “My colon cleanse worked ...

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13 Super-Easy Makeup Tips for Looking Perfect


Taste associated with the way of makeup differs from woman to woman, because each should assess what suits her best. But if you’re not sure exactly what you want and what is according to your style or just want to play around with the look, that it will be cool if you check these tricks and tips. If you are a ...

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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout


Find a Reason You will want to work out if you set a specific goal. Losing weight, looking sexy, living longer, improving your health and mood. So find your drive, and begin working towards it. Don’t Look at it as a Punishment When it comes to consistency with exercising, the right attitude must be adopted. Many people join gyms or ...

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10 Life-Changing Ways to Get Ready In The Morning Faster


We are sure that you all want to sleep one minute more in the morning but there is always not enough time , we must prepare for going on work, if you have kids you must prepare breakfast for them, prepare your makeup too e.t.c. Want to maximize your beauty sleep time with some ways to get ready faster in ...

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16 Simple Storage Tricks That Will Save Your Space And Beautify Your Home


One of the most important things for all of is to make our home a better place for living. A good and organized home is much better than a home in mess. For that reason we have tried to bring some clever and very useful idea how to make your home more organized, how to make more space for your ...

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Beautiful Wedding Gowns by Kitty Chen Couture


Here is a wonderful bridal collection by Kitty Chen – Couture 2015. Fashion designer Kitty Chen was born in Suzhou, China. His first bridal collection has done in 2004 and other collections have been very successful and there is no exception also in this last collection for 2015. Dear future brides if you on your wedding ceremony search for the perfect wedding ...

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How To Choose A Bouquet To Send To A Friend


Choosing a bouquet to send to a friend can be an exciting and fun experience. You’ll love how easy it is and how much it can mean to someone to experience a beautiful flower delivery. Getting a beautiful bouquet is one of the most pleasant and heart-warming experiences anyone can ever have. A delivered flower bouquet lets them know that ...

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Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Yumi Katsura


Here is a beautiful bridal collection by Yumi Katsura. Yumi Katsura is a Japanese fashion designer known for modern and classic silhouette that brings in its collections. The wedding dress is worn only one day but you remembers it forever, and for that dear future brides delight all guests at your wedding ceremony and choose the most beautiful wedding dress for ...

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Amazing Bridal Collection by Eliza Jane Howell


Here is an irresistible collection of luxurious and glamorous wedding dresses from Eliza Jane Howell. Future brides, if you do not like those large wedding dresses and if you’re looking for a simple yet modern wedding dress you’ve come to the right place. This special wedding dresses that outline the female silhouette and look very smooth and elegant.

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19 Low Cost Wall Decor Ideas For Absolutely Amazing Home


Today we bring to you some really unique ideas that you can put in any room of your home. Everyone wants something that is unique, and these wallpapers will make a complete change in your interior. We selected 19 different ideas to satisfy every taste, we hope you will like them, consider them below and enjoy.

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10 Time Saving Morning Tricks That You Should Know


In our gallery of images below you can see some tricks that we are sure will change your life and will make you sleep more or do your morning things and obligations faster. You can see how to properly wash your teeth properly wash your face, the easy way to dry your hair as an easy way to make up ...

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13 Best Easy Hacks That Will Make You Super Parent


There is nothing more important than the parenting job. And you think that it is hard to be a parent? Maybe but there is always some cool and interesting tips that will make all this hardest things easier. We have choose now some for you that will help you a lot and that will impress you. After that you will ...

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21 Super Easy But Amazing Ponytail Hairstyles That Will Save Your Time In Morning Preparations


We know that for every girl the biggest problem is settling up all things done at the morning, and just for that reason we prepared for you 21 beautiful hairstyles that are done less than a minute. When you want the original hairstyle and you do not have enough time to prepare your hairstyle that a ponytail is one ideal ...

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20 Casual And Warm Winter Combinations


Check these 20 casual and warm  combinations for the cold days.

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Plaid Is Back In Style – 17 Great Fashion Combinations With Plaid


This winter plaid is back in fashion, so fashion girls feel free to make unique combinations with your favorite plaid pieces of clothing. Although this print is evergreen, this season you can find it everywhere. Excellent variants: shirt with T- shirt and jeans for a casual look, or shirt knotted at the waist with a nice dress or skirt sports. ...

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14 Casual Winter Fashion Combination


We know how difficult is for one girl to decide what to wear when go for a walk, or coffee with a friend, we prepared a few modern fashion combinations that may help you. Spend The winter in style. You can look fashionable despite the cold outside. Combine several pieces of clothing and wear more layers. Little creativity is all ...

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