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Evening Dresses by Abed Mahfouz


One of the hottest and most glamorous evening toilets today just for you. Abed Mahfouz is Lebanese designer born in 1956 his fashion collections are one of the most famous in all over the world. evening dresses for this collection for 2015 are made of soft material and they are rich with sparkles and crystals. This perfection of luxury evening ...

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21 Elegant Black and White DIY Nail Art Tutorials


Monochromatic nail patterns are super hot right now, especially in black and white. While this may sound like a mundane combination, these two colors actually allow for much versatility, in terms of the designs. Combine glossy and matte textures for a stylish, mod look. Use delicate detailing to capture the essence of a Modrain Cosmopolitan painting, right on the tip ...

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Antibacterial Products Have Dangerous Consequences

Over the years, our fear of germs have led us to include “antibacterial” agents in our soaps. Unfortunately, common consumers never takes the time to research the ingredients in the products they buy. This gives way to many companies to including chemicals in their products that either they themselves do not know the side effects of.  Antibacterial items being one category of ...

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Sweater Season


Curious about how to pull off the perfect cozy, yet chic look for the holidays? Well we suggest refreshing your personal closet collection, with some of autumn’s hottest sweater styles. Whether you prefer fitted sweater dresses or cozy, oversized cowl necks, we know all about this season’s best sweater trends that will allow you to stay warm and look sizzling. Allow us ...

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18 Life-Changing Ways to Use Bobby Pins For More Fantastic Look


Dear fashion girls today have prepared for you a super fast ways to get a trendy hairstyles that you can do in less than a minute, also in the gallery of photos you can see how to properly set bobby pins. Surely you’ve seen many unique hairstyles that are made using a bobby pins. Actually this hairstyles are very easy ...

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15 Fantastic DIY Ways To Make A Modern Hairstyle In Just a Few Minutes


We are here to present you another 15 beautiful and easy hairstyles that you can make in just a few minutes. Great for any occasion and you can fit to your style or add some cool fashion accessory of course depending on the occasion. Maybe you have noticed some of the presented hairstyles below but you never get the idea ...

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31 of Our Favorite Curly Girlies, Before They Were Famous!


Ever wonder what your favorite curly haired celebs looked like, before they were famous? Check out these awesomely adorable photos of your favorite curly topped ladies, before they hit the big time! This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how humble your beginnings may be, girls have the potential to grow up into Happy #TBT 1.Oprah

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How to Organize Your Closet


Getting your closet organized is the key to having your room and life organized. In order to organize your closet, you have to find the right way to organize your not only your clothes, but your accessories, shoes and other items. Here are some tips that can help you organize your closet. You can use this as a guide to ...

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20 Clever Life – Changing Clothing Organizer That You Must Try


We are all disorganized if we need more space but who doesn’t need it. We always think where to store and how should we organize all our stuff that we have it at home. In this post we will give some very smart ideas how you can organize your clothes and be always in touch with it. We have chosen ...

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16 Super Useful Wardrobe Organizing Tips


You spend all day in settlement of the wardrobe, and its already less than one day again scattered and spend hours in search of a piece of clothing? This has happened to all so you should divide the clothes into categories to not waste time looking. For example, let your jeans are in one place, at the other skirts, dresses ...

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Stop ! You’re Harming Your Skin


Our skin is exposed to numerous of daily challenges, and it resists these challenges with it’s own natural defense tools, since it is the first and primary protector of freshness and radiance beauty. However, the summer and loads of external factors can be very harmful to the skin, prompts us to take a double care of our skin, yet, in ...

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15 Unique and Super Creative Ways To Make Candles At Home For Beautification and Brilliant Atmosphere


Make your own unique romantic candle! The candles embellished each atmosphere whether it is a romantic celebration with your loved one or for a holiday with your family or friends. There are a lot of simple – perfect ways to make modern decorated candle that will fit perfectly with ambience and interior also. Use your creativity and make beautiful candles ...

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14 Ideas For Creating Romantic Atmosphere on Valentine’s Day.


Hello girls finding a perfect ideas for upcoming Valentine’s Day is very important to bring you the best romantic atmosphere. Most of you probably already planned dinner for Valentine’s Day. If you plan to stay at home in a romantic atmosphere, you have to consider some supplements that could help you to achieve the desired effect. Today we have prepared ...

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Bring Glamor To Your Everyday Look – 14 Fashion Combinations For This Winter


Today’s combinations are one of the best winter styles that we have presented so far. Our team every day prepare new modern fashion combinations to help you choosing your best combination for every occasion. Today we have prepared 14 different fashion combinations and we sincerely hope that you will like it. Probably you have already mastered the fashion lesson requires ...

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Romantic Bridal Colletion – Demetrios Couture


Dream of every bride is, on her wedding ceremony, to wear the most beautiful and most unique wedding dress. Dear brides if your wedding is approaching and you still have not found your dream dress today we have prepared for you a beautiful collection of wedding gowns by fashion brand Demetrios. These wedding dresses are made of special material is ...

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20 Absolutely Cute Kids Birthday Party Decorations For The Most Amazing Fun


Dear mothers, to organize the most important day of the year for your kid – for his birthday, you must start several weeks before so that everything will look perfect. First get hold the place and time where you will make the party and then start other preparations. The birthday party for your child must look perfect, because children are ...

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